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Welcome to Driving Records Direct!

Have you ever wondered, "What's on my driving record?" At Driver Records Direct, we offer you the simplicity of ordering your driving record online. There is no need to waste time, gas or wait in long lines for something you can get instantly with us!

Our company makes it easy for you to access accurate driving record history information quickly. Order yours today and you will be able to verify the information on your driving record in just a few minutes!

Did You Know?

Surprises can be good, but not if they cost you time and money. Points on your driving record that you aren't aware of have the potential to cause negative consequences, such as:

  • Higher Insurance Rates
  • Driver's License Suspension
  • Arrest or Jail Time
  • Loss of Employment
  • Disqualification for New Jobs

Those who order their driving records from us are provided with all the information they need to protect themselves. Don't wait for something bad to happen. Check your driving records now!

Safe, Secure and Trusted

Many websites claim they can get you a free driving record but don't be fooled. Giving your information to one of those "free driving record" sites will cost you more than money; it will cost you your privacy! When you get your driving record online with us, you can be sure that your personal information will remain confidential and secure.

At Driver Records Direct we are dedicated to keeping driving records clean and protecting our customers. Don't compromise your private information. Driving Records Direct is safe, secure and trusted!

Download Your Driving Record Now!

Driver Records Direct offers you the ease of instant DMV driving record downloads. You won't have to miss work or take time out of your day to wait in lines to check you driving record. With us you are able to get your driving record online in just a few minutes. You can print out your record as soon as you complete our quick and easy order form!

Online Courses

If you find any points or violations after you check your driving record, we can help! Online traffic safety courses make it simple for you to clean up your DMV driving record. Depending on state rules, completion of our online programs can help you remove negative points from your record, save on auto insurance, meet employment requirements, and improve your driving skills. Learn more about the courses offered in your state!

Traffic Safety Courses: There are a variety of court and state approved traffic safety courses, all of which are offered completely online. The ease and convenience of working from the comfort of your own home and setting your own schedule is invaluable. With the highest quality materials offered at value prices, there is no longer any reason to waste your time in a traditional classroom setting.

Teen Driver Education: In addition to courses designed to help licensed drivers keep their records clean, online teen drivers education courses are also available. These courses are designed to teach new drivers how to avoid violating the law while on the road. Teens can learn driving safety information from home whenever they have the time. Images, animations and videos make the programs engaging and extremely effective. Learn more about online teen drivers education courses in your state!

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Don't wait until a bad driving record prevents you from getting a job or costs you hundreds more on driving insurance, instead Sign Up today and know instantly!